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KAIROS : a radical concept for the road


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The fruit of long experience and a synthesis of our previous projects, Kairos is a manifesto for a new experience of the road. Its uncompromising formula combines two essential promises: firstly, an architecture that enhances dynamic sensations, and secondly, totally new safety innovations that liberate the pleasure of driving.


Break all the codes. With its never-before-seen look, Kairos is neither a car, nor a scooter, nor a motorbike. Its unique design by Mathieu L'Hopitault gives it strength, agility and, above all, flawless contact with the asphalt. Your special relationship with the road begins at first sight.


Driving experience

Reinvent your sensations. Kairos rethinks the whole road experience, starting with a semi-extended feet-forward driving position that makes the most of both rear wheels, for greater traction and stability. You're now right at the heart of the bends. Tilt control ensures precise trajectories and unrivalled responsiveness. Electric propulsion delivers highly dynamic acceleration and a lively driving experience.



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Ask for freedom. Its three-wheels tilting architecture allows Kairos to remain narrow and agile in urban spaces, without sacrificing its stability. Kairos offers enviable carrying capacity at four points: a main load space located between the rear wheels, an additional volume in front of the driver, and two volumes housed in the Mobile Lateral Elements (MLE). Designed to maintain a constant ground clearance, these are positioned as close as possible to the road surface to ensure that the centre of gravity is as low as possible.



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Change the paradigm. Kairos completely rethinks driver safety by combining the equipment currently available on the market with entirely new features.

The Programmed Restraint Device (PRD) positioned in front of the driver drastically reduces the risk of serious injury in the event of a frontal impact. Acting like a seatbelt without the constraints that a seatbelt would create in such a situation, it allows the user to be partially coupled to the vehicle. This allows the user to benefit from the energy absorption provided by the deformation of the front part of the chassis. In the event of a violent impact and the rear wheels taking off, the DRP frees the driver at a much lower speed than would otherwise be the case.



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MLEs make a positive contribution to protecting users in the event of a side impact. They also help dissipate energy in the event of a frontal impact, and systematically reduce aerodynamic drag.

Tilt control helps to maintain control in emergency situations, such as evasive manoeuvres that are particularly risky with a conventional two-wheeler.

The two-wheeled rear axle reduces the risk of a fall, while the movable side elements, located on either side of the front wheel and controlled by the vehicle's rolling movements, rest on the ground in extreme cases of loss of grip, thus reducing the driver's mental workload, particularly on low-grip surfaces.

Finally, with its characteristic light signature, Kairos is guaranteed to be seen by other road users.



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Make a fresh start. Protecting the environment is becoming a priority, and electric power is an obvious solution, given its total absence of emissions. But Kairos goes further, putting electric power at the heart of its passion for the road. Benefiting from the latest technological innovations in the sector, its powertrain offers the driver unrivalled acceleration and responsiveness.



Refocus on the essentials. Kairos aims to appeal to all those for whom driving is more important than getting around, for whom driving is a freedom and who want to stay in control.


Next stage: the rolling demonstrator. Stay in the Kairos community !


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